3 ways to help Guatemalan youth

donateShoes 150x150 DonateDonate your shoes

Runners and other athletes can bring their running shoes to participating retailers to be recycled. When you shop for new running shoes, please ask the retailer what they do with old shoes their customers may leave behind. If they participate with the Mission Atletica program, please thank them for their community service. If they do not yet participate, please ask them to contact Mission Atletica.

donateMoney 150x150 DonateDonate $

We are in constant need of funds to help pay for the cost of warehousing and shipping shoes to Guatemala. Additionally, we sponsor races throughout Guatemala that have many costs associated with them, from organization and registration materials through to trophies for the winners.

DonateHand 150x150 DonateDonate your time

Mission Atletica is a growing organization that welcomes volunteers of all kinds, from business consulting to on-the-ground volunteers who can pick up shoes at our retailers and drop them off to our warehouse for processing. Please contact Edgar Hernandez for more information.

With Mission Atletica, Everybody Wins

Every runner wins

People run for different reasons: to improve your health, to increase your self-esteem and sense of well-being, to escape the stress of everyday life, to find peace and increase your focus, to simply feel better. Whatever your reason, when you donate your used running shoes, you’ll understand the good feelings you’ll be giving to a young runner in Guatemala.

Every retailer wins

Enlightened retailers know that their actions are noticed by their customers – recycling used shoes for a good purpose brings customers back. And when you participate with Mission Atletica, you have the opportunity to gain recognition for your efforts through our website and running races.

The environment wins

Too many running shoes end up in landfill before their time. Enlightened consumers know that a better and healthier future can be made one step at a time. When you donate your shoes, they get maximum use and stay out of the landfill stream for a lot longer.